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The Drovers Arms

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Brandy & herb Pate  with onion marmalade and croutes  (VGOA)  6.25

Whitebait with tartar sauce (GF) 5.95

Creamy garlic mushrooms on  toasted ciabatta  6.25 (V) (GF)

Panko crusted halloumi sticks with chili jam  6.25

Crispy Calamari with garlic mayo dip 6.25

Thai style cod & prawn fishcake with sweet chilli sauce 6.25



Mixed grill lamb chop, sausages, black pudding, rump steak, pork chop, tomato, mushrooms, fried egg, onion rings and chips 24.95  

10oz Sirloin steak  with homemade chips, onion rings, mushroom and tomato  22.95  Add a sauce for 1.95

8oz Gammon  with pineapple, egg, homemade chips, salad and slaw 15.95

Peri Peri chicken  with fries, salad, corn on the cob, salad and slaw  14.95


 Burgers – all served with fries, salad and slaw

Beef burger  with bacon and cheese  (GFOA) 14.95

Big Ron 3 burgers with slow cooked beef brisket, bacon, cheese & onion rings (GFOA) 18.95

Chicken burger served with BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese  (GFOA) 15.95

Veggie burger served with BBQ sauce and cheese  (VGOA)   14.95  


Pub classics

Deep fried Cod in beer batter with homemade chips, mushy peas and homemade tartar sauce  (GFOA) 14.95

Scampi with homemade chips, mushy peas and homemade tartar sauce  13.95

Beef or vegetable lasagne with garlic bread,  salad and slaw 14.95

Katsu curry served with rice  14.95 (VOA)

Vegetable curry  with popadom, naan bread, mango chutney and a choice of chips, rice or ½ & ½ (V) 13.95

Chicken curry  with popadom, naan bread, mango chutney and a choice of chips ,rice or ½ & ½  14.95

Cumberland sausage ring  with mash, gravy and green vegetables 15.95

Salmon with crushed butter potatoes, tender steam broccoli, green beans, peas and caper butter sauce  (GF) 16.95

Pie of the day  with chips or mash, gravy and green vegetables  14.95

Small Light Lunches – All  9.95   Served 12pm – 4pm Friday & Saturday

4oz gammon  with egg, peas and chips (GFOA)

Beef or vegetable lasagne  with garlic bread, salad & slaw 

Cheese and onion pie  with chips, salad & slaw (V)

Ham, egg and chips  with peas (GFOA)

2 Sausages mash and peas  (VOA))

3 egg and cheese omelette  with chips,salad & slaw  (V)

              Extra filling - £1 each

 Tomato - Ham - Onion - Mushroom

Sandwiches / Wrap(GFOA)– all with garnish, slaw & crisps

Homemade fish fingers  with homemade tartar sauce 8.95

Chicken and bacon  8.45

Classic BLT  7.95

Ham and mustard  7.45

Falafel  (VGOA) 7.45

Cheese and red onion chutney(V) 7.45

Tuna  7.45

Crispy chicken 8.95

Add fries for an extra 1.95


Triple cooked homemade chips  3.50 (GFOA)

Fries  3.50

Garlic bread (GFOA)  2.95

Garlic bread with cheese(GFOA)  3.50

Coleslaw (VG)  2.95

Mixed vegetables  2.95

Fried egg  1.25

Onion rings (GFOA)  3.60

Peppercorn sauce 2.95

Diane sauce 2.95

Stilton sauce 2.95

 The Drovers Arms Specials

Served Monday – Saturday

Cajun chicken with fries, corn on the cob, salad & slaw14.95

Sticky beef salad with sweet chilli sauce 14.95

Liver and onions, mixed veg and mash (GF) 13.95

Teriyaki beef or tofu stir fry with egg noodles (VOA)  15.95

 12” pizza

  • Margarita (V)  £9.95

  • Pepperoni £11.95

  • Tuna and sweetcorn   £11.95

  • Ham & and pineapple  £11.95

Deserts – All served with either vanilla ice cream, custard or cream

Homemade biscoff cheesecake 6.25

Homemade sticky toffee pudding   6.25

Homemade chocolate Brownie 6.25

Chocolate fudge cake 6.25 (GFOA)

Banana Split  6.25 (GFOA) (VGOA)                                                                        

Belgian waffle with toffee sauce  6.25 (VGOA)

Trio of ice cream – choose from – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint or honeycomb  5.95 (VGOA)


Please inform staff on arrival of any allergies or special dietary requirements.

(GF) - Gluten free    (GFOA) – Gluten free option available     (V) - Vegetarian   

(VOA) – Vegetarian option available      (VG) – Vegan      (VGOA) – Vegan option available


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